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Everyone has their own idea or game plan as to how we want things to go right? From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed we try to create this whole timeline for ourselves and how productive we're going to be. However if any of you are like me, it all sounds good...but I usually don't get to everything on my list. 

Now add that to the process of moving. I know right! Our brains are on overdrive and we're all just sitting here thinking “When did I get so much stuff?!?” and “Do I really need this?”

Today i'm going to go over some tips on what to do leading up to a move that is going to help that stress and brain overload go away!

1. Create a game plan of what rooms get packed and when. 

Don't stress yourself out by trying to do it all in one day! Depending on your schedule and the size of the rooms you're moving, aim for a room a day. This way you're not bouncing all over the place and you have a more realistic timeline for yourself. Make it into a goal, then celebrate once completed! 

2. Pack seasonal items that aren't being used and aren't needed until after the move first. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Halloween and Christmas decorations, but most of the time they are just taking up space for 11 months out of the year until I can use them again. Packing these items first and moving them out of the way will help us free up some space, and narrow down what we have left to do!

3. Pack up all your nicknacks (See our post on “How to wrap delicate items”)

It's amazing how many little things we have laying around the house. What's even more amazing, is how much of a difference in moving they make once they are all packed up in boxes and out of the way. 

4. Make a space for all of your personal items that have to come with you and not the movers. (See our post on “Unmovable Materials” ) 

Most moving companies have policies in place in regards to personal items that we are not allowed to move. Packing these items up and having them set aside in their own space will make your movers day so much easier! Plus it helps you know where all of those important things are, and not wondering whether you accidentally packed them in a different box!!



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