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It’s crunch time folks. The day is finally approaching after a long journey of ups and downs. The scrambling goes in to effect making sure you have everything, all contacts have been made and confirmed, and to make sure you’re still breathing.

So now let’s try to simplify those last few days. Having some structure can’t hurt right? What are the things that are going to help make the last bit of this move easier for you?

Well, we have a countdown list! That’s right, “What to do 72 hours before”.

One of the most important things you want to start with is making sure you have the day off of moving day. Now I know to some this may sound silly, but regardless of how good your movers are, you should be there just to make sure everything is going well. I recommend taking the day off after the move as well. For some it’s a three-day process, the day before, of, and after, which ever you feel most comfortable with!

2-3 Days Before:

Two to three days before you move you want to start checking your furniture for damage, just for your own records. This way it is easier for you to spot out whether there was damage done during the moving process and further actions can be taken appropriately.

You also want to start cleaning out the house before the next resident gets there. Now we understand this can be easier said than done. Depending on where you’re moving to, the children, your work schedule, and so many other variable factors. Some of you may even have professional cleaners come in to finish the job for you.

Whatever the case may be, you would want to make sure that all of this is starting to get taken care of or booked so you’re not rushing around on moving day wiping down the counters and surfaces behind your movers.

The Day Before:

The day before the move is honestly one of the most stressful, sometimes even more so than the day of. Start loading your car with items you will be moving yourself. Getting some of these things out of the way will help to make sure they don’t get mixed in with the other boxes your movers will be loading in to their trucks.

Some of you may not have the option to do this, but if possible, try and arrange a baby sitter for your children and pets. This is going to help keep them safe and away from the moving area. This is will also help relieve some of the stress of what your children may see when it comes to their belongings getting packed away as this is already an emotional time for all of you.

Let’s also look in to starting to pack up some of your bedding and dresser drawers. Having most of these items packed away and knowing right where they are is going to help on time the next morning with that last-minute change of the sheets and clothes.

Day of the Move:

The day has finally come where you can start to put all of the stresses of moving behind you. However, knowing what to start with on that morning is like a mouse trying to find cheese in a maze.

To get some things in order you should start off by signing and getting the copies of the bill of lading. This is going to be a huge step and one less major item you have to worry about before you get in your car and leave for your new home.

Let’s also look in to writing down some contact information on a pad of paper that was you can leave it behind so any mail can then be forwarded that hasn’t been already.

Walking around and making sure all of the windows are shut and locked, along with disassembling and beds if you plan on doing it yourself.

When all of your things have finally been loaded up in to the moving truck and your personal vehicle make sure to do a final walk-through so nothing has been left behind or forgotten.

Most importantly make sure you are the one locking up the door to your own home. Please don’t put this responsibility on your movers as they will not be liable if something were to happen.

At your New Home:

Now that the move is done it's time to start unpacking some things at the new home. You always want to start with the essentials. Don't try and unpack everything, you've already had a long adventure.

First always make sure that your essentials kit is unloaded and in the house first. Then

verfiy that your utilities are working. There is nothing worse than starting to get settled in and a few hours down the road you realize something isn't working.

Assemble the beds that you are going to be using that night is you are assembling it yourself. Once you have your sleeping arrangments settled you can start to unpack your essentials in the kitchen and bathroom. Again don't try to do to much here, you've had a long day with some much needed rest!

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