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Have you ever been involved in that awkward moment where you're trying to have a conversation with someone and they start throwing out all these words that you have no idea what they mean? You know…. those times where you just shake your head in agreeance (because if you're like me I try to pretend that I know what they mean) then google them later!

As movers we use terminologies all the time that will most likely spark that head tilt and google search. So today we are going to go over some of those most commonly used terms or phrases!

1) Assembly and Disassembly

The process of taking apart furniture before loading it into the moving truck and reassembling it at the destination.

2) Carrier

The moving company who transports your belongings.

3) Crating

The process of building wooden boxes to protect delicate or valuable items during transit.

4) Delivery Report

A report, signed by the customer, used to verify the delivery of household goods at the destination.

5) Delivery Window

The time period in which a moving company is scheduled to deliver a shipment to its final destination. The delivery window will depend on the distance of the move.

6) Door-to-Door Service

A service where household good are delivered from the origin to the destination directly and without storage.

7) Essentials Box

A box of essential items that are not packed onto the moving truck. Designed for the individuals who are moving to use during the last days spent in an old home or the first days spent in a new home.

8) Flight Charge

An additional charge for a moving professional to carry items up or down one or multiple flights of stairs.

9) Full-Service Moving

A service where a moving company completes the moving process from start to finish for the customer. This includes providing materials, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, and the clean-up of household goods.

10) Furniture Blankets

Soft, sturdy blankets designed to protect household appliances, furniture, banisters, doorways, and walls during the moving process.

11) Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service

A premium moving service that guarantees specific pickup and delivery dates.

12) Impracticable Operations

Conditions that prohibit a moving company from carrying out a pickup or delivery with their standard equipment and require special equipment or additional labor. These terms are defined in a moving company’s tariff.

13) Inventory

A detailed list of the quantity and condition of household items.

14) Load Date

The date on which the shipment is to be picked up by the moving truck.

15) Local Move

A short-distance move, typically 40 miles or less.

16) Long Carry Charge

A charge applied when a moving company carries items an excessive distance from a home to the moving truck or vice versa. This distance is determined by the moving company.

17) Order for Service

A document authorizing a moving company to move your items.

18) Preferred Arrival Date (PAD)

The date a customer requests for delivery.

19) Stretch-Wrap

A heavy-duty saran wrap, stretch-wrap is wrapped around the furniture to protect it from damage.


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