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The holiday season is one of our most favorite times of the year.

Between the weather changes and snow, family gatherings, and of course endless amounts of food.

There is nothing better however than walking inside and smelling the aroma of a home cooked meal. Whether it’s a crockpot recipe, slow roasting in the oven, or even cooking on the grill, this time of year brings out all the best recipes passed down from our loved ones or even those we have created ourselves.

So, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite seasonal dishes so you can taste what the holidays mean to us!

Everyone loves a good soup recipe! When you come inside from a long day and you have a little bit of a chill, to sit down and eat a nice warm bowl of soup it’s almost like there is nothing better.

For our team, Caleb loves a good Taco Soup. You get all those flavors of the beef (or meat of your choice) with a light but earthy broth with all those fresh vegetables.

While Cole’s favorite seasonal recipe for soup is a Beef Barley. It’s a little bit of a heavier broth on this recipe but it is one that is full of so much flavor between your meets and barley loaded with some great vegetables.

Now as much as everyone loves a good soup those hearty pasta dinners and casseroles are something that just hits home in a different way.

One of Anthony’s favorite recipes and dinner of choice during the season is Lasagna. Now everyone makes lasagna different. From the type of meat that you use (or none at all) and the sauce to the filling. However, it is that you decide to make it, it sure is something that warms your soul.

Another recipe that Anthony enjoys is a Carrot Souffle.

This dish could be used as a side, appetizer or even something to bring along with you to a brunch gathering. It cooks beautifully with a full-bodied carrot flavor with some spice and sweetness to it.

Cole’s favorite dish for the holiday season outside of soup is a Chicken Divan.

Now this dish can have so many names. For some it may just be called chicken and broccoli, for others cheesy broccoli. No matter what your family calls it though, it’s absolutely delicious!

From the cheesiness of the broccoli with that slight crisp of it being on top to the chunks of chicken that are just blended in there the Chicken Divan recipe is one to use for any occasion.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be the holiday season if it wasn’t for the deserts. So many cookies, cakes and pies it’s almost impossible to even keep track!

However, Caleb’s seasonal favorite is Mini Cheesecakes.

I feel like for most of us, you can never go wrong with a cheesecake of any kind. So creamy and smooth and can be topped with berries or chocolate, it doesn’t matter. These little delights are so easy to eat and most importantly so easy to make.

No matter what you're your feeling this holiday season some of these recipes are sure to be a hit because they definitely are with our team!

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