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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Core Values are the principles we live by at Home Bound Moving Co, so we wanted to share ours with you. We wear them on our shirts, we say them in our meetings, but most importantly… these are the guidelines that we use to make every decision, hire, move, judgement call, and step within our business. 

Here is our compass: 

  1. Implement Kaizen 

Kaizen means “Good change”. We are always looking for ways to be better at what we do every single day. Not only can we learn to be more efficient in 1% daily improvement, we can help reduce cost to you with every small improvement. 

2. Go the Extra Mile 

This is pretty self explanatory. In a world of people who say “good enough” we want to show you what truly caring for you looks like. 

3. Give 100% Effort 

Our Team strives for excellence daily by making sure that we give 100% effort to each project. 

4. Be System Driven 

Systems are what keep us in check. We build systems to ensure that you, your family, and your valuable possessions arrive on site the way they left. 

5. Operate with Integrity 

We know and understand that having folks in your home that you have never met can be difficult, that is why integrity is so important to us. Our honesty and integrity are always on the front lines of everything we do. We understand that you will have things that make you uncomfortable and tons of questions. So ask us anything you want to know. We are here to serve YOU

6. Know your Why 

Knowing why we do what we do is how we can ensure we are all pointed in one direction throughout each move. We are here to change an industry. We are here to provide value and make your move as stress free as possible. We are here to show that when you put people first, the rest of it is easy. 

Our Company not only lives by these principles but wants feedback from you if you feel something wasnt what it should have been. Our Core Values are that important to us. Please feel free to give feedback at any time via our contact us page. 

Home Bound Moving Co

“Wherever you go in life, We’ll take you there” 

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