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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Oh! and almost forgot, HAPPY HUMP DAY!!

Today we wanted to share with you a video on one of our most frequently asked questions while on the job!

"What do we do when it's raining outside on moving day?"

Now I know what you're thinking, "Who wants to move in the rain?! However, that never stops us from getting the job done and assuring that your furniture and household materials are best protected!

On this mornings job site we encountered a little rain, so what we did was wrap and pad all items before coming out of the house. This allows us to keep moisture and water off of your furniture. Then we added some additional plastic to ensure the integrity and quality of that furniture is upheld while it's in our care.

That's it! Can you believe it?!? Who said you still couldn't have fun moving in rain?

Check out our video below to see a live footage of what this looks like!

As always if you ever have any additional questions about your upcoming move feel free to give us a call at (828)-387-6888.

"Where ever you go in life, we'll take you there!"

#movingtips #HomeboundMovingCo

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