Usually our blogs are full of a lot of information, whether it be some tips, hacks, or just information about the moving industry you never knew before. So, we decided were going to switch it up a little bit. Kind of like showing you are insides of who we are, because that’s what we are. A Family, locally owned business who is not only professional and here to serve you any way we possibly can, but average people. Ones who laugh, cry, stress and have fun. We wouldn’t do what we do, if it also weren’t for having fun and loving it no matter the circumstances.

Now we’re still going to give information because we love teaching people about the business, just a little bit more personal than usual.

So, where do we begin!

Well, for starters a lot of times on our long distance moves we get tired and need to sleep right? I mean we can go a good while with a little bit of Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy here and there, but sometimes there is just nothing left and we got to take a rest. So, what do we do?

Sometimes a hotel stay is obviously the best option, but then there are those few moments where those blankets in the back of our trucks just need to make do! Believe it or not we have made some pretty comfy beds out of those blankets a time or two!

Have you ever wondered how some movers are able to make the bigger items of furniture fit? I don’t mean just in the truck; I’m talking about moving them in and out of the homes.

Believe it or not it takes a lot more creativity than you could imagine when it comes to some things, because I mean everyone has different tastes. Like a 15-foot Headboard for example.

Now as you can imagine we had so much fun with this one! Want to know why? We actually had to have a hole cut out of the wall just to be able to move it in! That’s right, a hole, in the wall to fit the headboard in to the room.

That just goes to show that when we say we are here for you; we really mean it. No matter what it takes we will find a way to make your moving experience the best it can possibly be. With the clients permission of course!

So, we say we want to make it the best right? What can be better than sometimes showing our clients which one of us is the strongest of them all. Sure, we love to compete with each other from time to time so why not have a little show with it as to who can carry more in front of the guest almost like a strong man competition? I mean that sounds like a win-win if you ask me.

At the end of the day, we just want you to understand that we are here for you in any way we possibly can be. We want you to know who we are, what we do, and that we are genuine people just like all of you. We strive to be the best we can be for our clients; because you are the reason we are successful. You are the reason we wake up every day loving the jobs that we have knowing that we are going to make an impact on someone’s life that morning.

So, thank you, to every single one of you who has chosen us, called us, recommended us, or simply has liked us on any of our social media platforms. Your support means the world to us, and we hope we can continue to bring a smile to your face not only by our service, but by giving you some behind the scenes action too!

Home Bound Moving Co

"Wherever you go in life, We'll take you there"

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