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Updated: Jan 20

Ground Zero: Move Day

As Yoda once said: "Begin the unpacking process, while still packing, hmmm?"

By following a few simple rules, you can make your move as smooth as humanly possible.

Step #1: Pre Move: Clean Destination Home

Your new home should be thoroughly cleaned before you begin to unpack. To ensure your new home is clean before you unpack, allot yourself a day prior to move in. Keep a selection of cleaning essentials such as paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, and a broom accessible while packing.

Step #2: Pre Move: Declutter

Pre-packing: Make two piles, one to keep and one to donate or take to the dump. The benefits of this process will extend well past your unpacking stage. Highlights of two-pile decluttering process: simply put, donating helps others, getting rid of unwanted items reduces stress, removing items from your inventory saves you money and space.

Step #3: Pre Move: Prioritize and Label Boxes

Depending on the size of your home, it's important to be honest with yourself on the amount of time it will take to unpack. For a "typical" 4 bedroom home we find the unpacking time will take anywhere from 4-6 days given you are not juggling work and children. Its important to organize your items and rooms by priority. Priority is subjective, your priority may be comfort or to set your office up for a successful work week.

Our recommendation may seem arduous but will save you an immense amount of time on the back end- Take a group photograph or detailed inventory of what is in each box. Example:

Box: #101

Room: Jake's Room

Priority: Low


- Roller Skates

- Helmet

- Boxing Gloves

Step #4: Post Move: Recycling Boxes

If you recently moved with Home Bound Moving Co. you can use our free box pickup program (within a 50 mile radius). Home Bound Moving Co. went green in 2020 and is committed to recycling locally and sustainably. If you did not move with HBMC, we recommend calling a few moving companies around your area to see if they have a buy back program or can recycle them for you. This will save you time and the effort of possibly having to rent a truck to take boxes to the dump.

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