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Reeling in Christmas lights after the season is over is probably one of the least favorite things to do. Whether it be from off the house or the tree we all know it needs to be done, unless of course you leave your things up all year round.

So we wanted to give you a couple tips on how to properly reel in your lights and what to look for!

First before you unplug your lights you're going to want to check for any burnt out bulbs. Once you check, and replace any as necesarry you can then move on to unplugging them from their source.

Once the strand is unplugged you're going to want to grab your reel. If you have a strand of lights on your reel already youre going to want to attach the female end to the male end to make one complete strand. Slowly start to reel the lights around watching to make sure they are being evenly wrapped around and not bunching up or crossing other strands.

After you're done reeling all the lights you're going to want to take a piece of tape and put it on the end of the strand. By doing this you are creating an easy eye catching piece to be able to find the end of the strand for the next time you take them out.

If you have any additional questions on how to reel lights just check out our video posted below!

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