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Ok so in this world there are two different types of cats when it comes to putting them into a vehicle and going somewhere.

(A) The cat that's totally fine, calm, walks around the car (if you let it) or lays in its carrier with a couple cries but nothing obnoxious.


(B)The cat that hisses, claws, throws up, cries, throws up again, Ect. Ect.

Now if you’re one of those blessed cat owners who have option (A) then you may not need to read this blog. 

If you’re a cat owner who has option (B) well...we hear you, and we’re going to try and help anyway we can by giving you some potential tips on how to calm that angry little feline of yours down!

Cats can be skittish right? So what things do you do to help them overcome that? Usually it’s something along the lines of getting them used to their surroundings or someone that they are engaging with. 

  1. When it comes to moving with them, it’s the same concept! The more you acclimate your cat to the car and or carrier the more comfortable it will become with it. There is no association of it being a scary place or something that they hate doing. Just like us we have fears before we do some things, until we do them over and over again and it becomes less scary every time. Dedicate 2 days a week of just going around the block with them. 

  2. Another tip, which I know a lot of people are either for or against is looking into giving them a sedative prescribed by your veterinarian. Sometimes there's just no other way to help your cat be comfortable and not have anxiety. 

  3. Plan plenty of stops on your trip. Similar to dogs, cats need time to relax and get out of their stressful environment for a while. This will give the cat some time to settle down before you get back on the road again. Even if you just set the crate down on a table with you and give it some attention this will help let it know that you are still there and that they are still safe. 

  4. Make sure you give your cat plenty of play time before getting on the road. Interacting and playing with your cat before going on a road trip will help make it sleep and of course get a lot of its potential restlessness out of the way. 

We understand that traveling with pets is never easy. Moving isn't easy. So anything that can help eliminate some stress off of your shoulders is what we are here for!

Home Bound Moving Company

"Wherever you go in life, We'll take you there"

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