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When getting ready for a move do you ever wonder how you should be organizing and labeling your boxes? Do you even label them at all? 

These are common questions people ask us all the time when it comes to making sure that all of your belongings end up where you want them to! 

When organizing and labeling your boxes it is important to go one room at a time. This way you’re not bouncing back and forth and putting boxes somewhere you didn’t mean to. 

To start, try packing things that are similar to one another and going to the same location in one box. 

For example, you’re packing up all the nick-nacks from your Master Bedroom and putting them into one (or more boxes). 

Now for labeling purposes you want to put either an itemized list (if you’re a really organized person) or just a simple generalized genre of things like nick-nacks! Then you want to label the box with the destination that it is going to.

That’s right, where the box is going to not where it came from! So if you have an idea for those nick-nacks in a different room of the home that you're moving to, you want to label that room! 

So that box that is full of nick-nacks from your Master Bedroom, is now going to be labeled nick-nacks - Bonus Room. 

Once you go around and start labeling your boxes, organizing them makes them so much easier. You can start to make piles for your movers and this will help them to organize and pack them into the moving truck as well!

With this kind of labeling system it will help eliminate you running around your new home going through all kinds of boxes looking for that specific sculpture you want to put on the table!


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