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Through some of our blogs you have seen us bring up an “Essential Kit” and how you should always have one during the moving process. So, what is an “Essential Kit” and why are they so important?

An Essential Kit is pretty much like it sounds, the things you can’t live without. Now for some of you that may have a different meaning. However, when it comes to a moving Essential Kit, they should all roughly have the same contents.

A moving Essential Kit is composed of the things that you want to unpack first and that you need on your first day in your new home. These are items you want to have packed completely separate from the rest of your moving boxes and maybe even taped a different color so it easily picked out of the bunch.

So, what are some more specific items that you want to put in to your moving “Essential Kit”?

Well we have gathered a list for you of some of the common things you should pack for the first day at your new home.

These are just some of the most important items to have on hand quickly. Everyones needs are a little bit different so please make changes as needed!

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