Do you like juicy burgers? What about that extra cheesy pizza with the pooled pepperoni on top? Or is it that triple chocolate layered cake that really gets you saying “YES PLEASE!”

We all know moving is stressful, between packing, unloading, and finding your way around a new place. Yet amongst all the chaos you know what doesn't always come to mind….FOOD! Finding food places you like in a new city or town can be just as stressful! Different cultures, styles, or sometimes expectations and then not even knowing where to begin. We start to fall into that “Google” or “Yelp” trap and we all know how unpredictable or misleading those can be. So we're going to help you narrow some places down! Today we’re going to write you a list of some of the best places to eat East of the Mississippi!

So get your tastebuds ready, because some of these you may just have to go on a little roadtrip for!


This is a local restaurant only found in Cleveland Ohio.

One of my favorite places to go and dive into some creative flavors and gourmet grilled cheeses. Sure you can get just a plain old classic grilled cheese here, but why do that when you have so many other options? Chicken Parmesan, Chicken and Waffles, the Lake Erie Monster, Peanut Butter and Banana, Cuban War Pig and so many others! Not to mention these sandwiches are HUGE!


Pizza lovers this one is just for you.

Chicagos' famous deep dish stuffed pizza.

Thankfully for us, Giordanos has expanded to 65 other locations across the U.S, but that doesn't mean there still isn't something special about going back to where it all began. From your traditional cheese or pepperoni pizza to bbq chicken I promise you it will never disappoint!



These massive patties can only be found in Buffalo, New York. Grovers Bar & Grill is a locally owned burger joint that will leave you stuffed and still bringing home leftovers. This place has done it right, not only were they televised on the Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, but they have won the hearts of so many from just being themselves. I warn you though, this small establishment is CASH ONLY, and don't be surprised when you see that chalk board when you walk in full of names on their waitlist on any given night of the week!


Yes I did indeed mean THE CARLOS BAKERY.

For some of you this may be an obvious choice because I mean who wouldn't want the opportunity to see where CAKE BOSS takes place. Regardless of the fame and endless tv shows that Buddy has created their sweets really are to die for. Carlos Bakery can be found all over NYC and NJ plus they can ship wherever too!(Which comes with a price of course.) However there is still something special about the location in Hoboken, New Jersey and the little cobble stone street district that is home to so many local art and history exhibits.


Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and found in their famous "Strip District " Primanti Brothers have been a part of history with their unique deli style sandwiches on thick slices of italian bread. You can now find the famous Primanit Brothers down the northern coast in states such as West Virginia, and Southers Florida. These sandwiches are a part of history and not to mention pretty fresh and delicious.