A southern charmer at heart, Caleb is originally from Augusta Georgia and decided to move to Boone, North Carolina where he attended Lees-Mcrae. After earning a B.A. in Business and Administration Caleb decided to pursue his love and passion for business and started HomeBound Moving Co. Caleb has since become a member of the Arete Syndicate, with a goal of growing HBMC to fill all of the community needs

When not on a job site Caleb loves to spend his free time with his Golden Retriever, Buddy (who I am sure you will see plenty of given that he is the company's mascot after all).

He loves hiking, working out, and any activity that involves the outdoors.

He can also speak for everyone on the team, by saying that they share a love for extreme backpacking and an addiction to caffeine.


Passionate about the customer service industry, Anthony believes that everyone should experience a service that is above the industry standard. 

After going to school for Data Science, Anthony decided to pursue becoming a licensed General Contractor, which led to him owning his own construction business. Later in his career, Anthony and Caleb crossed paths and decided to partner with their hearts dedicated to providing renowned customer service and saw the vision in creating Home Bound Moving Co. 

As a proud father of a daughter named Roan, Anthony is very much all about the family life. 

He loves taking his daughter to the park or the museum, especially the science museum where they share their love to discover new things. 

Anthony also has a unique gift in oil painting. Not only does he know how to professionally wrap and maintain an oil painting while on a job site, but he knows how to paint one himself. 






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